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On November 23, 2017, Joe’s sisters lost a wonderful and faithful friend.

Joe filled the gap in the seven-year age difference between Anna and Jamie. And he loved being with his sisters, especially in the teenage/adult years. If they were together in the house he would invariably join them. And as I've mentioned before, when those three were together they were usually either singing or laughing.

I came downstairs one evening and found this going on and just had to sneak a quick video. I think it’s poignant that they happened to be singing this particular song about a year before Joe died.

Don’t mind the jazz music in the background—that’s pretty much always on at our house

Nothing is the same without Joe. Each of us had our own relationship with him and I think there will always be a measure of sadness in our hearts. We miss him so much.

April 10 is National Siblings Day. Maybe spend a few minutes to connect with your brothers and sisters while you can.

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jerry h.
jerry h.

Thank you.

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