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But I Don't Feel Brave

They said I was strong

But I didn’t feel strong

I felt weak and tired and confused

They said I was brave

But I didn’t feel brave

I felt nervous and stressed and afraid

They said I was wise

But I sure didn’t feel wise

I felt bewildered and overwhelmed

As I scribbled notes during doctor visits

And researched available options

And cried out to God for help

The LORD is near to all who call on Him… Psalm 145:18

During Joe’s cancer journey, I didn’t often feel strong or capable; I just got out of bed each morning and did the next thing, and God met me right where I was and provided what I needed each day.

Maybe being strong and brave and wise isn’t always about how you feel.

Maybe sometimes it’s about what you do, regardless of how you feel.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Isaiah 40:29

Yes He does.

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Beautiful, Cat! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom...


Lori, telling us that we are wise, strong, brave, is shorthand. People use it to say, “I cannot even imagine going through what you’re enduring.”

They are blessed to still not understand that when we are handed these types of circumstances, we cannot simply run away. So, we walk through them, with pain and horror, comforted by the knowledge that God is with us as we endure.

When you complete this walk (which never completely ends), you will be wiser, stronger, braver than you ever thought you would need to be. And, God will use your wisdom and strength and courage to walk beside those who are setting foot on the journey — not because they are wise, brave or…

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