• Lori

If Everything Matters

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

For today’s post I thought I would feature another of Joe’s poems. I have also added it to the Poetry Page, where you can find several of his other poems (with many more to come!).

Joe was kind of a philosopher, and thinking was one of the things he did best. I love this poem in which he muses about both the origin and the meaning of life:

If Everything Matters

If everything matters, then why don't we say so?

And if nothing does then how come we get so

upset when the meaninglessness that we claim

as our birthright is taken away?

We're sure when we're happy, we're sure when we're sad

but nobody wants to be sure that they're bad.

Demanding our rights and denying our wrongs,

we cry through our laws and our songs.

So maybe things matter, but if that's the case

Why is it only the pleasant we chase?

If atoms were counted, nowhere in their sum

would it be revealed to us whence we have come.

Science explains all the things we’re made of

But nothing explains why we love.


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