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Happy 30th

This month Joe would have turned thirty.

In my mind he is still twenty-four. A young adult just starting to make his way in life.

I see his peers “passing him up”: getting college degrees, beginning careers, marrying, moving forward with major life events. In my worst moments I am jealous, and I must push away thoughts like, “it’s not fair that Joe died young and never had a chance to develop his talents and leave his mark on the world…” (I’m not under the delusion that life is fair, but the notion sneaks in when I’m not paying attention).

But those are my worst moments.

In my better moments I am more like Joe, happy to see other young people succeed in using their God-given gifts. In fact Joe seemed to find great satisfaction helping those young people succeed: advising and mentoring them, finding opportunities for them, encouraging them to develop and use their talents to honor God and to bless others.

I am proud of the young man Joe was, and of his legacy of giving others a hand up whenever he had the opportunity.

Happy Birthday, son.

Later this month we plan to host a jam session in his honor; we’ll play some music and eat pie (his favorite dessert). If you live in the Chino Hills area, like to sing, and want to stop in for an hour or two on the 26th, let me know and I’ll send you the details! You can use the Contact form on this website, or message me on Facebook (Lori Gough Fischer).

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