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Upcoming Memoir

You may have noticed I am not as active on this site as I used to be. There are more posts I want to write about Joe, but I have been working hard for the past couple of years on a memoir about my experience as Joe’s mom during the last few years of his life.

Our story began when Joe, at age twenty, noticed two of his fingers felt partly numb. Three weeks later, he was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer and given twelve to fifteen months to live. This story relates my experience as his caregiver, companion, advocate and friend, and finally, grieving mother.

Throughout that difficult season, God showed Himself faithful in myriad ways, teaching me about the blessing of community and giving us gifts of mercy again and again. I hope to provide a witness of God’s goodness, even in the midst of unspeakable pain and uncertainty.

And, I have a publisher! Forward in the Fog: A Mother’s Memoir of Trusting God with a Broken Heart, is due out in early 2024. I very much hope the book will encourage others who have suffered loss, as well as those who are questioning their faith because of painful circumstances.

I intend to continue posting occasionally on this blog, but I plan to be more active on my new personal website, I will post updates about the book on that site as well. I hope you’ll join me there! (Please subscribe to receive notice of new content, as well as information about the book’s release date).

Thank you so much for walking along with me as I've worked through my grief these past few years. I appreciate you more than I can express.

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Looking forward to reading it, Lori.

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